Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic has hit our community hard. Currently, Kentucky ranks 3rd highest in the nation for drug overdose deaths, Our District is desperately in need of a solution.


Health Care

Central Kentucky is home to some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. However, with healthcare costs rising, we must continue to pursue solutions that allow individuals more choice and more access to affordable treatment.


2nd Amendment

Our 2nd Amendment Rights are under attack more and more each day. Kentuckians must remain resilient in the fight to protect our constitutional freedoms.


Pro Life

I am the proud father of three kids, soon to be four. I believe we must protect the rights of children and the unborn.  As Representative of the 39th district, I will support pro-life legislation.  



I support our President in enacting policies that curb the flow of illegal immigrants to the US. I also believe America is the land of opportunity, and welcome all forms of immigrants who are trying to enter the country legally.  


Economic Development

I am honored to serve as part of a company that employs over 1,650 people, 475 in Jessamine County. If elected, I will continue to focus heavily on bringing more and more jobs to our district.