United States customs and border protection (CBP) has made close to 700,000 arrests of migrants illegally crossing the border since October 2018, up 100% from the previous year.  


Border enforcements were higher in the first quarter of last year than they were in four of the previous six entire fiscal years.  


In fact, 2019’s surge in migration from Central and South America was a dramatic increase, if not the biggest ever, overwhelming many US agencies.  


As of 2017, Pew estimated that there were as many as 10.5 million undocumented immigrants living in households in the US.   


Many of the children who come to the border illegally are unaccompanied, making it difficult to care for them, or to properly return them.  


One-third of ALL women who cross the border illegally become the victims of rape.   

My Pledge

Although the notion of enforcement is a complex and emotionally divisive issue, in light of these staggering figures, I support our President in enacting policies that curb the flow of illegal immigrants in the US.  I also believe America is the land of opportunity, and welcome all forms of immigrants who are trying to enter the country legally.