Last year, the national poverty rate fell to 11.8% its lowest since 2001.  


Unemployment fell to its lowest rate in 50 years at 3.5%. 


September 2019 was the 19th consecutive month that unemployment has been at or below 4% nationally.  


The Trump economy has added 6.8 million jobs since 2016.


African-American unemployment also fell to an historic low of only 5.5%.


For the first time in US history, most new hires among prime-age applicants (ages 24 to 50) were minority women.  


Kentucky has also seen record-low unemployment at 4% statewide, with over 63,000 new jobs added to the workforce in recent years.  

Economic Development

My Pledge

I will continue to support the president’s economic policies and believe they are crucial for our continued growth as a nation, and locally.   I am also honored to serve as part of a company that employs so many citizens of Jessamine County.  I Look forward to further serving the economic interests of the 39th district as its elected representative.